Hostwriting and Deliberate Practice

This course is designed to give you practical exercises that will expose you to the methods and techniques that compose Hostwriting. Almost all of the lessons in this course contain exercises that you can try. These are methods that I've been exposed to or have developed while working with people one on one through Hostwriting.

Accordingly, it's important to do the exercises! The exercises are where your learning will happen. Imagine reading a book on a new diet or exercise routine, but never making changes in what you purchase at the grocery store, or never attending the gym. If you do the exercises, you will learn new tools and skills that will help you with your writing. If you don't do the exercises, you may enjoy reading through the course materials, but I can't guarantee they'll help you.

That said, you don't have to do all of the exercises in this course. I would recommend that you complete all of the sections until the final section, "Hostwriting Assignments." That section is composed of exercises that you can pick and choose, following your interest. In any case, work at your own pace. Many of the exercises are quite short, so you can even do one or two every so often, at a rhythm that works for you - perhaps every day, or once a week.

Doing the exercises in the course will also prepare you to work with me one on one, should you so choose. In particular, if you work with me, you should have completed the following sections:

  • Fundamentals of Hostwriting
  • Speaking is Writing
  • Prepare to Hostwrite Interactively

As you learn the exercises and ideas in this course, you may find that you don't need to work with me one on one. This course may even help me work myself out of a job. By that, I mean that I hope Hostwriting is not merely an interactive process that you practice with me, but a set of tools you can deploy by yourself as you need them for your own projects.

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