Welcome to Hostwriting!

Thank you for purchasing the Hostwriting course. I'm excited to share the idea and method of Hostwriting with you!

This course will give you:

  • a conceptual overview of Hostwriting and its key ideas
  • practical exercises to help you practice Hostwriting on your own
  • the background you'll need to work one on one with me, if you so choose (I only work with people who have taken this course)

You're probably wondering what Hostwriting is. Well, me too. One of the main characteristics of Hostwriting is that it is emergent. When you practice the Hostwriting process on your own, with someone else, or with me, it will result in ideas and content that you could not have anticipated or planned for.

Even though I can't tell you exactly what Hostwriting will look like for you, I can tell you what it feels like, and what happens as a side effect. With Hostwriting, you can write more, the process is easier and faster, and you have more fun doing it. Not bad!

Take a minute to consider where you're starting from. What's the main thing preventing you from writing more?

  • Writing Ability
  • Time
  • Procrastination
  • Other

I'm looking forward to the work you can create with Hostwriting!

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